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                                                                        Government Sites


www.nv.gov     www.blm.gov      www.plp1.org           www.azgs.az.gov          www.fs.fed.us          library.usgs.gov/
Offical web       Maintains the     Public lands for       Minerals, mining            U.S Forestry          Earth sience library
site                    lands                  the people               gold prospecting            Service

                                                                        Prospecting Clubs

www.goldprospectors.org                  www.lvgpaa.com                www.goldsearchers.com           www.goldsearchers.info
National Club over 350 claims         Las Vegas, NV Chapter         
     Henderson, NV Club             Provides information on
                                                                                                                                                           Local clubs & Outings


www.nyegoldseekers.com                              www.mohaveprospectors.org                 www.havasugoldseekers.com
Pahrump, Nevada                                             Kingman Arizona                                       Lake Havasu City, Arizona  

                                                          Informative & Interesting             

www.accuweather.com                                     www.mccawschoolofmines.org            www.prospectingchannel.com               National Weather Reports                               Where kids come to Learn                      FREE Prospecting Shows   
                                                                          about  mining in Nevada                          the internet


www.nevada-outback-gems.com/prospect.com          www.fmdac.com                                      www.az-gold.com  
Chris Ralph has a mining degree.                              Educates, information                               Need a gold map?
His site is very informotive.                                           on metal detecting    

 www.goldledge.com                                      www.comspark.com/chronicles                  www.prospectorsparadise.com
Informs and entertains.                                   A Must Read!  History, Informative               Mining the internet
Tales of the past

 www.losttreasuer.com     www.icmj.com


                                                                                   www.goldrushnuggets.com                              www.goldmapsonline                                     www.goldmaps.com     
      Need a Map                                                     Buy & Sells Gold                                          Gold Maps on Line

                                                                                           hunting4gold.com                                    www.prospectorsparadise.com                      www.billandlindaprospecting.com
Informative                                               Resources for Gold Prospecting                    Great Site People-Places & Things

By request from Ms. Ward's Class and Lauren's group from Delaware, this site is posted. There are many outstanding and informative link's here to learn all about Metal Detecting. Thank You Lauren and group.



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